Cashback Bike Insurance

In September 2017 Friendsurance introduced Australians to an insurance first. Insurance for cyclists that not only protected their passion for cycling , but also rewarded them for staying claims-free. The peer-to-peer model, allowed customers to get up 40% cashback each year you and your friends stayed claims-free.

From the 1st of April our friends at Velosure will pick up where Friendsurance left off, we will no longer be offering our Cashback Bike Insurance product to new or renewing customers. Velosure will be in touch when it comes close to your time for renewal.

For customers who already have purchased a policy from us don’t worry, your still in safe hands and covered, Velosure will now be your first place to call if you have any claims, questions or problems.

Velosure can be contacted at:

Phone: 1300 835 678
Email: friendsurance@velosure.com.au

About Friendsurance Australia

In 2016 the journey to bring Friendsurance to Australia began. In 2017 a pilot insurance product for cyclists was launched and ran until March 2020. Customers enjoyed for the first time a peer-to-peer insurance product using Friendsurance’s pioneering digital solution.

Friendsurance Australia was able to transition the digital platforms from Germany and reinvent them for a different B2C market with a range of new and difficult rules and regulations.

Australia continues on the journey followed by our German Founders, to seek partners who want to deliver a more valued insurance experience to their customers, that brings a smile to their face.

Friendsurance Contact: hello@friendsurance.com.au

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