You are not the only one who is excited on your first day. There is an extensive onboarding program waiting for you, ensuring that you get a good start.

Ahead of Your First Day

Our Onboarding program starts before your first day! 

We make sure all of your accounts and necessary tools are active and ready for your start-day. We send you an invitation to our People-tool, where you will be able to find a lot of important information about the company, organisational structure, security measures, data protection, employee benefits and do all sorts of HR-admin communication.

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and your answers will go out on your first day to everyone in the company, so you already have some topics to talk about when you meet them.

Your First Week at Work

On your first day, it is all about arriving. You will get to know your team buddy, team leader, all colleagues in your team and many others in Friendsurance. We will also make sure that everything technical and all the logins you need work. You might be thrown into a team meeting or a daily standup because it is happening anyway, but our expectation is simply that you use this day to get to know people and get settled in all systems.

Gradually, over the next few days you are onboarded in all information channels and topics and by the end of the week you are ready to get your hands dirty. The team leader is the responsible person for this stage and she/he puts up an individual plan fitting your onboarding needs. 

Welcome Aboard

The People-team is there to answer all general team or wellbeing related questions and your Buddy is responsible for making sure you socially integrate into the team.  

The ground for your continuous performance evaluation is also laid in the first week. You fill out your own evaluation on where you are on the different skills needed for the job you are starting. 

For those who are in a relocation process, we of course also include the necessary time you need for this in your first weeks.


The First Few Months

The People-team and your team leader will stay close through your first months, securing your wellbeing and making sure you have received all “on-the-job training” in a manageable flow. As every other team member, you will in addition to the direct communication have the possibility to address and give feedback through our weekly team pulse.  

After three months you will pick up the evaluation you did of yourself the first week and reevaluate whether what you wrote still fits, in light of now knowing the inside Friendsurance world better. You discuss the reevaluation with your team leader and you get your first feedback. In the feedback you agree on where you might need more support and where the sailing seems to go smoothly. 

End of the First Six Months

Before the end of your first half year, you will again pick up the evaluation you and your team leader shared three months ago.

You will reevaluate yourself again, but this time you will also get feedback to your new self evaluation from another team member you work closely with.

In the feedback talk you will now also discuss 2 development measures: one to push further a strength you already have and one to strengthen a weak spot. You have your personal development budget to use for this. 


Being part of the Friendsurance team means thinking new every day. We are bringing two worlds together: customer centric technical innovation and the insurance business.