Who are the faces behind Friendsurance's tech platform and innovations? Get to know the members of our IT team in a series of interviews.

We work, solve challenges and celebrate together

Elena Vorobiova, Senior Engineering Manager

I like our friendly and open-minded team from different cultures and backgrounds. We work together, solve challenges together and celebrate our success together. I like that we are pushing for small incremental improvements every day. I enjoy the challenges – they are great opportunities for me to learn.

Tech is part of our DNA

Dmitry Kharchenko, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Data Officer

The Friendsurance Team makes personal development a reality. It is very inspiring to see team members growing. It excites me to set clear development paths for our team members, do personal coaching and then celebrate together the career goals achievements.

The digitalization of the insurance business is exciting

Fábio Serra, Engineering Manager

The greatest strengths are that we have the capability of bringing new architectures, technologies and are able to evaluate well how to create solutions using them. Our teams are cross-functional which means that we share knowledge and give opportunities to every member to work in all areas of software engineering.

Innovation is very important in our tech-departments

Katja Hentschel, Business Intelligence Analyst

Professional trainings are a fundamental part of our company culture. We believe in innovation. Since technology is changing fast and we don’t want to miss a trend, innovation is very important in our tech-departments.

Insurtech introduces innovation all the time

Arsen Hakobyan, Senior Software Engineer Team Lead

There are many inspiring people with whom I enjoy daily working. Together we develop innovative products using state-of-the-art technologies that have not yet been seen in the insurance sector.

More to come!

Soon we will introduce other members of our IT team

In the meantime, get to know more about our company values and philosophy. Learn how it's being introduced in our daily office life - you will find all the nitty-gritty details in our Culture Deck.


Being part of the Friendsurance team means thinking new every day. We are bringing two worlds together: customer centric technical innovation and the insurance business.