Team member wellbeing is an important factor for company success. It's also our duty to do good when in position to do so. We want to be a positive force in every team member’s life.

A Smile on Your Face

Friendsurance vision says that we want the process of dealing with insurance to leave a smile on the customers face. To get there we need smiles in the office as well. Team members wellbeing is an important factor for the company success. When you take a new job, many thoughts go through your head. If you think about it, private and job related topics aren’t really that divided. 

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Many Questions Can Be Running Through Your Head

  • Are the working hours fitting in with daycare schedule?
  • Does this career move fit with my partner’s current job situation?
  • Will the new employer have understanding for my big wish to travel before starting family life?
  • Is the team leader someone who will have understanding for my wish to work reduced if my mother gets sick again?
  • Is remote an option so I can stay a bit longer when I first go home to my home country?
  • What kind of stress will occur in this new job, will it be positive or negative?
  • Will I fit in and will people see my genuine effort?
  • Do they understand what I am good at or will they just see my weak spots?
  • Is it a secure job?
  • Will people like me?
Your thoughts are all very valid. Not just for you but for us as well.
Hiring a team member is hiring a person with the whole life package she/he has.

The Positive Factor

If the person is doing well, physically and mentally, the preconditions are right for doing a good job. If not, both you and we are in for a bumpy ride. What makes you do well, can be connected to work, but also personal life. As an employer we have to recognise the power we actually have and how much positive we can do with it. Sometimes there are private factors we can’t change, but we can still be a positive factor instead of increasing the problem. Other times, typically when work related, we can actually solve the whole problem. 

In Friendsurance we want to be a positive force in every team member’s wellbeing.



For Your Wellbeing

What wellbeing means is completely bespoke for each person. Here are some theoretical examples of how we may assist you in keeping the balance in everyday working life. And as wellbeing is a very broad field, we hope to update this page soon again and tell more about the things we have done to integrate mindfulness and self reflection exercises into our company.   

  • You are in need of a new apartment, but you are not able to stick out as the one to be picked. We can assist with you with a reference letter, we can show flexibility so you can get the appointment early and we can help you with German correspondence
  • We see that you constantly look stressed when walking in the door and you constantly excuse that you yet another time brought sickness home from the daycare. We can actively approach you and tell you “hey, we see your effort, we know how it is with small kids, shoulders down, breath, let’s find a solution together"
  • Your partner is in need of a job, but has few contacts in Germany. We have a huge network and can help to spread the word. We are also kind of awesome on CVs and interviews!
  • You have your first leadership experiences and feel very alone with the responsibility. We can coach you and give you leadership training
  • A family member back home is sick and everything is just terrible. We can make it easier for you through allowing you to work remotely for a period of time
  • The family needs two incomes but your partner’s lack in German skills is blocking him/her from the right jobs. Your partner can join our German classes
  • You are suddenly in the hospital. We can not only send you flowers, but think of your kids at home and send them a cheer-up surprise as well
  • You get into a huge fight over something at work. For you it turns personal and the other person understands it too late. We can encourage the other person to show you her/his general appreciation, perhaps in a positively surprising matter, and help remove the personal issue between you so you can feel well at work again
  • You have concentration issues, and we see that you play games on your phone through the whole lunch break for weeks. We can give you coaching on the power of doing nothing and help you get more friends at work
  • Your back hurts because you never get time to exercise and also you feel stressed. We have yoga and back training 3 days a week for you directly in the office
  • The morning stress out of the house means no breakfast or eating some fast food on the way in. There are healthy breakfast options in the office, nuts and fruit to secure a good nutritional start


Being part of the Friendsurance team means thinking new every day. We are bringing two worlds together: customer centric technical innovation and the insurance business.