The future of insurance

Friendsurance takes a completely new approach towards insurance: for the first time, we have implemented the concept of a online peer-to-peer insurance, which combines social networks with well established insurance companies. Customers can connect to form individual insurance-networks, thereby lowering their annual insurance premiums by up to 50%. Friendsurance was founded in 2010 in Berlin and currently operates the website for the German market.

Here, you can find out more about how Friendsurance works.

For Customers

You work hard for the money - and you shouldn't spend it all on insurance! We aim at working together with the insurance industry in order to get to more transparency and better prices for you. We currently are only available in Germany.

For Insurance Companies

Join our strategic partnerships! The Friendsurance model allows insurance companies to reduce their claim ratios, process costs, and access new customer groups by viral growth. There are numerous ways of how Friendsurance can be integrated, with low effort and high benefits. More information is available at insurances [at]

For Sales Organizations

Looking for a way to increase you customer base? Friendsurance enables you to obtain new target groups and provides uuincentives for viral growth. We are able to provide our concept to innovative sales organizations to mutual benefits. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch at sales-org [at]

For Investors

Friendsurance has big ambitions to become a game changer in the insurance industry. We are currently operating in Germany, but are determined to take our innovation to other exiting markets. If you share our excitment for innovation and disruptive models, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at investors [at]

For Press

Would you like to find out more about us? Please reach out to press [at]

To start with, here are some short facts about our management:

Dr. Sebastian Herfurth, Managing Director & Co-Founder
Sebastian is a lawyer and co-founded Friendsurance in 2010. He has had past experiences advising various banks and insurance companies. He is responsible of coordinating insurance partnerships, as well as finances and legal matters.

Tim Kunde, Managing Director & Co-Founder
Tim graduated with a Masters in International Management (Kaufmann). He started his career with The Boston Consulting Group, advising various companies on consumer goods and insurance matters. He co-founded Friendsurance and is responsible for marketing and sales.

Janis Meyer-Plath, Head of Marketing & Co-Founder
Janis has a degree in International Management and has previously gained experience in marketing and business development at several companies. He co-founded Friendsurance and directs marketing and CRM efforts.