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Who are we?

In 2010, a few friends came together with an idea to disrupt the insurance industry.

They looked at customers paying premiums year after year and wondered how customers who were claims-free could better benefit from this. Their brainchild, an insurtech company called Friendsurance, was founded with this goal in mind and created what is now known as a peer-to-peer insurance model. P2P insurance is who connecting groups of customers and facilitating a yearly cashback when they and their connections remain claims-free.

This is only the first in a series of insurance solutions Friendsurance is focussed on, which are aimed at making insurance more customer-friendly. In 2010, Friendsurance was successfully launched in Germany and now has over 100,000 customers.  In 2017 Friendsurance will be expanding its operations to Australia.
Friendsurance is financed by a number renowned institutional and private investors from the digital sector, including Horizons Ventures, Ellerston Ventures,, German Startups Group, as well as the European Regional Development Fund.

As an early mover in the innovation of insurance tech, Friendsurance's unique business model improves the efficiency and experience for both the consumer and the insurer, but the biggest beneficiaries will be the consumer.
Frances Kang, Horizons Ventures, March 24 2016

How P2P insurance works

The secret to Friendsurance’s success is its simplicity.

Customers with the same insurance type connect, and if no claims are made by the customer or any of their connections, the customer receives a pre-agreed maximum cashback.

As claims are made, the cashback decreases, for the customer and their connections. Friendsurance customers don’t ever have to pay more than the premium.

Look at Friendsurance. That's the perfect example of a social insurance company.
Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, in 2014

The advantages

The main advantage that Friendsurance offers is the connection of customers in groups.

Group performance and its impact on the cashback promotes responsible claims behaviour by rewarding customers when they and their connections remain claims-free.

Additionally, Friendsurance delivers a simple online portal, with an agile approach that seeks to constantly optimise experience to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Friendsurance in Germany

In the German market, Friendsurance currently operates as an independent insurance broker with more than 70 domestic insurance partners, including AXA.

Currently the claims-free cashback is available with a range of retail products in Germany: car insurance, home insurance, legal expenses and private liability insurance. Customers looking for new insurance coverage can choose from a range of different offers on New contracts will already have the cashback  arrangement built in, providing customers with the chance to receive a yearly cashback.

Moreover, the cashback arrangement can also be very easily added to existing contracts for future premiums – without any change in coverage, price or provider. So far more than 80% of users have received a cashback. In the property insurance line, the average cashback has been 30% of the paid premiums.

We use P2P to create a financial benefit that is easily accessible. But that’s just the beginning of the story. We become your digital broker, we add a lot of service layers on top to make sure that your life becomes more convenient, more transparent and that you have less hassle dealing with these topics that you would like to avoid. Tim Kunde Co-Founder and Managing Director of Friendsurance Germany, at Insurtech Connect 2016

Janis Meyer-Plath

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Sales

Janis has a degree in International Management and has previously gained experience in marketing and business development at several companies. He directs marketing and sales efforts.

Dr. Sebastian Herfurth

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Sebastian is a lawyer and has experience in advising various banks and insurance companies. He is responsible for insurance cooperations, legal matters, finance, BI & controlling as well as human resources.

Tim Kunde

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Tim graduated with a Masters in International Management. He started his career with The Boston Consulting Group, advising various companies on consumer goods and insurance matters. He is responsible for marketing, business development, sales, IT, product, customer support and CRM.

Friendsurance in Australia

In 2016, Friendsurance announced it would expand its operations to Australia through a licence with Friendsurance (Australia) Pty Ltd with Ellerston Capital as the lead investor.
Friendsurance Australia launched in August 2017. To find out more visit

Friendsurance (Alecto GmbH) does not offer any products or services to Australian resident customers. If you are an Australian customer, go to

Australia is a mature and significant insurance market, with a history of customers embracing innovation. The Friendsurance approach is unique and well-engineered, and the scope to create real value for customers and our insurance partners in Australia is significant.
Perry Abbott, CEO and Managing Director ofFriendsurance Australia, in March 2017

The Future of Friendsurance

Friendsurance brings two worlds together: customer-centric  innovation and the traditional insurance industry.

With customer experience a core focus of the business, the team at Friendsurance continues to innovate and look toward new markets to bring friendly insurance to customers everywhere.


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05.09.2018, Digital Bancassurance Potential in Europe - Analysis and Details
Download the analysis as PDF now

“In this PDF, you'll find the whole analysis plus some details about how we got there. The experts of Friendsurance expect enormous digital bancassurance potential in Europe.”

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15.01.2017, TechCrunch
Innovation under the hood will rev the engines of a fintech revolution

“Several startups are utilizing p2p networks to, at least partially, go over-the-top of traditional insurance balance sheet providers altogether. Lemonade here in the US and Friendsurance in Europe are examples of this approach. By doing so, they create greater alignment of incentives, reduce fraudulent claims, and save money for their policyholders.”

23.12.2016, Bloomberg TV
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“That's because companies like Friendsurance see an opportunity to innovate an industry stuck in an old-fashioned status quo with high fees and low customer satisfaction. Friendsurance is based out of Berlin and runs a peer-to-peer insurance model. With it, small groups of users are rewarded a cash back bonus at the end of each year they remain claimless.”

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04.08.2016, The Huffington Post
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“With widespread online distribution and novel ideas like peer-to-peer insurance, Europe is firmly in the lead when it comes to insurance innovation. Companies like Germany’s Friendsurance and the U.K.’s Guevara are bringing a social networking model to the insurance industry”

15.07.2016, Tech Wire Asia
Germany’s Friendsurance report shows Asia lacking in leading insurtech women

“An infographic by Berlin’s peer-to-peer insurance broker Friendsurance about leading women in insurance technology (insuretech) globally has revealed just how few there are in Asia.”

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German Friendsurance pulls $15M to expand P2P insuratech to Australia

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24.03.2016, Business Insider
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“The German company represents the enormous potential of the peer-to-peer market. Friendsurance is tapping into that market in an innovative way, but there are so many more facets of the P2P world that companies can explore.”

30.01.2016, The Economist
Against the odds

“Others, such as Guevara in Britain and Friendsurance in Germany, try to get groups of friends to pool risks, on the assumption that they know better than the actuaries how accident-prone their nearest and dearest are”